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Cursed Waters
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About The Film

Six young girls get together for a slumber party. What they don't know is they are about to enter . . . CURSED WATERS. What dangers lie in the cool, clear pool and water pipes constructed over an ancient burial ground? Disturbed by this group of girls, the awakened spirit seeks revenge and will do anything to take back its territory. Now it's a fight to the finish. The film will showcase strong female leads and show that women don't need men to fight the dead back to the grave.

Directed by Cohen Phillips, creator of the Evil Dead tribute film "Return to the Woods". Written by long-time underground horror writer turned filmmaker Scott Virtes. Together they brought you "Voice of the Dead" ... "Cursed Waters" is a twisted tale, full of surprises.

Filming to begin on June 5, 2004. Contact Cohen for investment opportunities and other information.

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