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Voice of the Dead
About - - Cast - - BEHIND THE SCENES

Behind the scenes

Photos from Day 1 and Day 2 of the shoot!

Joey plays the DEAD HUNTER in the haunted woods.

The whole crew in action in the haunted woods.

Wally Armentrout as Bob the Butler. He's licensed to break fingers, you know. ;-)

More photos from the shoot ...

Barb & Jay arguing (as usual)

The girls getting worked up, ready for a scare.

Who put all these words here?

A glimpse of the ghost world.

Cohen won't tell me what this shot is all about! Gel lights, hair gel, something like that?
Ah, I know. Jello brand pudding, the new toxic waste flavor. yum yum.


Working out the details. Or trying to light ghost candles by sheer willpower.

Return of the creepy glow.

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