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Voice of the Dead
About - - CAST & CREW - - Behind The Scenes


  • Produced and Directed by Cohen Phillips
  • Written by Scott Virtes
  • Soundtrack by Rich Douglas


  • Charla Phillips as ANN Grimm (teenage mad inventor & ghostbuster wannabe)
  • Stephanie Hunter as DEB Grimm (Ann's spooky little sister)
  • Cohen Phillips as JAY Hamilton (action video guy, documents the sisters' strange adventures)
  • Brooke Willhite as BARBARA Wheaton (Jay's reluctant non-believing pesky girlfriend)
  • Ann Wohletz as ELLEN Wheaton (Barbara's haunted sister)
  • Joe Shimerdla as HUNTER (well-armed spook)
  • Stephanie Shimerdla as SARA (benevolent dead girl) AND ??? (mystery character) [curse you, Red Baron Cohen man!]
  • Wally Armentrout as Bob the BUTLER (deadpan quirky unhappy mellow butler)
  • Lex as LEE (wacky house guest)

Here's the cast!

This photo shows the cast as they were about two months before the shoot. With some last-minute changes, they're still a happy bunch. (FILMED Dec 19-22, 2003.)

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