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Voice of the Dead
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Live Updates from on the set

December 22, 9pm

The last day of filming was here and gone. We got everything else we needed done on the set. But it was sad to finally shoot the last shot and send everyone home. They were all a bunch of great people, talented and I had a lot of fun working with each and everyone of them. But don't be to gloomy about it, I'll be seeing all these people for "SoulThievery" in the spring.
So production is over. Post-Production now starts.
-Cohen Phillips

December 21, 9pm

I just posted some photos from the shoot over on the Behind the Scenes page -- check em out.
- Scott Virtes
Webmaster dude

December 21, 2pm

Filming has been going great today! Been having alot of fun with everyone. I can really tell we have a special film on our hands. We got a fine cast and crew working on this thing and they're putting their all into it.
We were filming in the woods today and we were back around our old "Return To The Woods" locations. So that felt good being back "home" a year after that film has been completed. We're on a break right now, but will go back to filming soon. Everyone is having fun and doing great! More updates later!
-Cohen Phillips

December 20, 8pm

Cohen called me up and gave a quick rundown of how day one went. It sounded like it's all going as planned. Folks felt that the Butler was a perfect fit for Wally, Lex banged out a good Lee character, Charla was learning how to be a mad inventor, and it was the right mix of laughter, scares and chills.
I even got a quick thanks from Cohen's mom for encouraging him. I still think it's so cool that the whole family gets involved in these productions!
- Scott Virtes

December 20, 9am

Last night rehearsals took place for scenes to be filmed today.(12-20) Everyone did really well. I can see that these people will gel nicely, and that we'll have a good one on our hands when this gets all done.
The shooting is starting at 10am today. Just going over a few last minute things in my head. Some scenes we are shooting today are the woods scene, the first scene where we first see the creepy new invention "Spookphone", and some top secret stuff that will really chill the marrow. I can't wait to get started.
-Cohen Phillips

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