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Cohen Phillips

Cohen started making movies very early in his life. He says "ever since I could hold a camera," he started shooting his own films. He started getting serious about his hobby in 1992-93, when he got some friends together and created his first short piece with others. Since then he has done a lot of things, from a James Bond fan film (99/00) to an Evil Dead tribute film (2003), to a range of original comedy, drama and horror pieces. From NightBeat(a film noir in 2005) to a dramatic PSA I will never be homeless(2006) he's shown he has a lot of range. Yes, he's also a huge fan of classic film and all things vintage. He loves every part of the filmmaking process, from acting to directing. He loves to create stories and films that appeal to a wide audience. Cohen has a policy that he won't put any vulgar words, nudity, sex scenes or extreme violence, drugs or alcohol in the movies where his name is attached. He's recently started shooting a series of silent short comedies.(2006/2007)

He's not about to slow down anytime soon.

Filmography-(so far)

  • Classroom Liaisons (Director, Writer 2006)
  • Lip-Stick (Director, Producer, Writer 2006)
  • Swindling Charade (Director, Actor, Producer 2006)
  • I will never be homeless(Actor, Director, Producer 2006)
  • Love Lifted Me (Director, Actor, Producer, Writer, 2005)
  • Nightbeat: The Killer Wore a Badge (Director, Writer, Producer 2005)
  • Curse of the Invisible Man (Actor, Director, Producer, Writer 2004)
  • Voice Of The Dead (2004, Actor, Director, Producer 2004)
  • Codename (Director, Producer, 2003)
  • Tell-Tale Heart (Voice Actor, 2003)
  • Slips and Dips (Actor, Director 2003)
  • Return To The Woods (Actor, Director, Producer, Writer, 2003)
  • Just Do It (Actor, Director, Producer 2002)
  • Back From The Dead? (Director, Producer 2002)
  • Coffee Talk (Actor, 2002)
  • Goofy Golfers (Actor, Director, 2001)
  • Lovers Losers (Actor, Director, 2001)
  • Nuttier Than Nuts (Actor, Director, Writer, Producer, 2000/2001)
  • Spaghetti Noon (Actor, Director 2001)
  • You Only Die Twice (Bond fan film, Actor, Director, Writer, '99/2000)
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