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Rich Douglas
Rich Douglas is a 24 year old composer and graduate of the University of North Texas. He also studied film for 3 years at Montana State University prior to graduating.
In 2001, Rich received a Tracy Award with a distinction in best sound / score for the film "E/J". Rich's favorite types of music: everything from Dramatic Action, to Horror, to Rock and Techno.
Composing Credits:
  • E/J (2001)
  • The Flaming Needle (2001)
  • Looking On (2001)
  • Teachers Pet (2001)
  • Return to the Woods (2002)
  • Tell Tale Heart Cartoon - A Cartoon Larry Cartoon (2003)
  • Codename (2003)
  • CJ5 (2003)
  • Bullets Speak Louder Than Words(2004)
  • Voice of the Dead(2004)
  • NightBeat Chapter 1: The Killer Wore A Badge(2005)
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