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Scott Virtes

Scott has been writing short stories and poems for about 30 years. Okay, the ones he wrote before the age of 12 shouldn't count, so ... skip those. His first published story was in 1986, and he's had about 90 stories, 250 poems, 100 illustrations, and some articles and photographs published since then. Mostly small press, "underground" magazines. He's had work published in Analog, Space & Time, Portents, Beyond, ZipZap, Planet, Doppelganger, Dreams & Nightmares, Star*Line, and many more. But just when he was starting to get a bit weary of the printed word ...

He spent the summer of 2002 down in Mexico, playing a swordfighting sailor from 1806 in the Peter Weir film "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World." Once the DVD comes out, you can watch him die, over and over! This was huge. As he says, "I've never seen so many smiling people, working together to create something so big. Suddenly, the whole process of filmmaking (which always seemed like a elite thing) made sense to me. These were real people, doing what they love to do. It was a real eye-opener." Scott kept a group of the more motivated background actors together, and The Actors Playground was born. He's now working on a series of comedy short films with the group. Stay tuned for more info!

Other than writing and making films, Scott is also an amateur astronomer and guitar player.

Filmography (complete as of Feb 2004)-

  • See Arnold Run (Stu Segall Productions, airing on A&E Jan 2005) - background actor
  • The Siberians (filmed Oct 2004, in post) - director, producer, writer, editor, set builder/painter
  • Tech Support Blues (released January 2005) - director, producer, writer, editor, sound engineer
  • Ms. North (filmed March 2004, scrapped) - director, producer, writer, editor, sound engineer
  • Mr. Graves (released December 2004) - co-producer, writer, editor, sound engineer
  • Psyched Out (released November 2004) - director, producer, writer, editor, sound engineer, music
  • Master and Commander (Fox Studios, Nov 2003) - background actor
  • Metal Noir (Eldritchfilms, 1988) - soundtrack

Other media (sampler)-

  • Head animation writer, Komodo Studios, 2002
  • The Other Secret House (poetry chapbook, 2001) - writer
  • Year of the Twist (short story collection, 2001) - writer
  • The Adventures of Shrimp E. Shrimp (cartoon video game, 1998) - writer, producer
  • Nemesis, The Nemesis Mission, Galactic Miner, Splatt (video games, 1997-8) - various roles & music
  • Gerbil Wars (video game, 1997) - creator, programmer, gerbil sound f/x, the works!
  • Arthur: The King, the Sword, the Legend (Corel Corp, 1997) - writer, programmer, video post-production

My books & stuff:

A rainy day on the Far Side of the World!
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